Persistent CB Ultra session URLs in Bb Student

Idea created by as0041981 on Nov 16, 2016
    Under review

    In order to simplify the access in a CB Ultra session it would be useful to allow Bb Student to save the most recent/used/preferred session URLs.


    Some clients use Ultra integrated with Moodle, both for office hours and online classrooms, and the URLs are always the same.

    I know this is a common practice, in particular for office hours (for example Ben Haensel talked about it here ), and I guess it is LMS-independent.


    When accessing a session, right now faculty and staff need to authenticate in Moodle, enter the right course, look for the activity and enter the session.

    In the suggested scenario faculty and staff would find and click on their recent/used/preferred session URLs directly in the Bb Student app and, after the authentication, they would join the session.

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