Last date of participation for “academically related” course activity

Idea created by ps28172 on Nov 14, 2016
    For future consideration

    Overview of our discussions with faculty members: Comments have helped shape our enhancement request to Blackboard (and Qwickly) to create a display for the student's last date of participation.  Faculty would like the ability to see the “last date of participation” in a grade center column (if they choose).  The faculty member could review the “last date of participation” column and other grade center data before reporting the “last date of participation” to our Registrar’s office.


    Enhancement requests to see last date of participation: We will be asking Blackboard (and Qwickly) for these enhancements.  The faculty members determined that these features would be helpful in defining the “last date of participation.”  Some points discussed:


    • Faculty members would turn on this capability to have the last participation date displayed in the Blackboard grade center.  This would make the last participation date visible to students in Blackboard and academic advisors in Starfish.  (Blackboard Grade Journey would also be investigated if data is accurate.)
    • No need to “read” if an assignment has been graded or not. The federal government does not need to know quality of the participation.
    • All “academically related” course tools in Blackboard would be defaulted on and used to determine the last date of participation.
      • Blackboard tool examples: submitting assignment, blog post, discussion board post, journal post, submitting (completing) an assessment, attending a virtual academic meeting via Bb Collaborate related to the course, sending the instructor(s) an email or course message from Blackboard course, and being marked present or excused in the attendance tool (allows for face to face class use).
    • Faculty member could shut off a tool from being used to determine participation.
    • The last date of participation will change only when a student “submits” from an academically related tool in the Blackboard course OR the faculty member manually enters in a date.


    If we are able to have these enhancements made to Blackboard, the faculty member will still need to review the “last date of participation” and other information before reporting the attendance information to the Registrar’s Office.


    Publisher website investigation needed: Clicking on an integrated publisher link to access a publisher materials is a valid need however simply logging in does not show participation.  Adding a basic reflective journal for the week may be a work around.  We will ask for possibilities with our publisher partners to be able to send information to Blackboard (to be sent to Starfish) for use in determining the last participation date.

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