Instructor Defined Rubric Point Range values

Idea created by chris.bray on Nov 3, 2016
    For future consideration

    Using point ranges in Rubrics, the ranges are pre-defined.


    Blackboard Support says:


    1) If the range(highest-lowest) is less than OR equal to 1: The increments will be divided by 10.


    2) If the point range includes a decimal number, there will be the minimum possible of even increments between the lowest and highest number.  The number of options will depend on the range entered.  A wider range will result in more options.  The same logic is used as for whole numbers to determine the number of increments, the results are just a little different.  You could use the formula (upper range value - lower range Value) and use the units column of the answer as the number of increments between the lower and upper values.  For example, for a range of 2 to 8.5; 8.5 - 2 = 6.5 = 7 increments.


    3) It looks like, for WHOLE numbers, that if the range is greater than 1: It will increase by 1's. For a point range of 2 to 7, there will be 6 options, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

    Our request is either


    • Make it possible for instructors to decide the number of values in the drop-down.  Example: Instructor wants 4 specific options (instead of 9), and wants to define what each value would be (through an input field).
    • Always use the same number of divisions for ALL value ranges possibilities (say, 4), instead of the pre-determined ones listed above.
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