Request Cursor Control option

Idea created by paulalee on Nov 1, 2016
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    The Classic Collaborate has the option, when using the Share Application, to request cursor control. I would like to see this feature included in the Collaborate Ultra, as well. I do quite a bit of troubleshooting with faculty and students. This feature is quite beneficial when the student or faculty member is having issues. Being able to request control to show them where items are located or how to click to find/accomplish a task is helpful.


    Case in point: I had a student call me recently and we used the Classic Collab for a help session. She had created a word document but could not find it when she was ready to upload it. Her computer was showing OneDrive and she did not know how to find anything from the screen that was showing. By using the request cursor control, I could help her navigate to the desktop and the folder that had the Word document in it. Sometimes trying to just talk them through a task is frustrating for the end user.



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    Thanks for your consideration.


    Paula A. Lee

    Product Version (if applicable):1