OneDrive Integration in Learn 9.1

Idea created by tp36301 on Nov 1, 2016



    I know that OneDrive integration exists only in Ultra View in SaaS; however there is a big need for it also in Learn 9.1 to browse for submissions.


    It would be great for it to work like the Dropbox integration that was recently released or OneDrive integration in Bb Student.  We have tested that in our test environment; however, we are licensed for OneDrive for students and not Dropbox.


    I have heard that this may be getting on the road map; however, I think that this is increasingly important for Learn 9.1 customers.  This would be especially helpful for students submitting in lab environments that are not configured for OneDrive.  I am aware of Qwickly's options; however, that costs additional money for schools.




    Toni P.

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