My Courses list and Viewing Courses

Idea created by lhives on Oct 17, 2016
    For future consideration

    There needs to be a better way for a user to manage their My Courses list AND for the institution to set defaults and rules for viewing courses.


    1. Can an option be added for the institution to set the default of the Advanced My Courses list to Show semesters (terms)?

    2. Can an option be added for the institution to reset everyone's module if a major change is made (eg. change to courseID requiring it to be hidden)?

    3. Can the option to hide a course be straight on the module (when you roll-over) rather than hidden.

    4. Can an institution choose to archive a course once the semester (term) is over. This would stop all action from the course including notifications etc. and wouldn't allow users to contribute anything. Instructors would only have the ability to copy from it. In the My Courses list, it would be slightly greyed out but they could still access the site as 'Read Only'.

    5. Can Instructors have the ability to archive a course. They could choose to re-activate it if they did it themselves.

    6. Can a user have the ability to archive a course (personal archive) to prevent any action being reported in their notifications and updates, but still have the ability to access the site. There would need to be an institution option to allow this or not and perhaps an option to allow it ONLY after the term has ended.

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