Google Drive Integration with Blackboard 9.1 Original

Idea created by mh21485 on Oct 11, 2016

    My institution became a Google Apps for Education School a few years ago and faculty are very interested in accessing Google Classroom to use as their LMS. Because we are committed to using Blackboard as the school's one and only LMS, we would like to see Blackboard become better integrated with Google Drive to support teaching and learning. I am told that the Bb Student app already integrates with Google Drive and that Blackboard Ultra on SaaS has an integration with OneDrive for cloud-based file sharing. It would not be a far reach to develop a Google Drive integration with Blackboard 9.1 on SaaS.


    Our faculty would be looking to use a Google Drive integration to support efficiencies in content management, such as being able to deploy one version of a Google Drive document to multiple sections with a single click. We are aware of the Qwickly+Cloud building block partner that could provide this functionality, but it would be great if this type of functionality is baked into the Blackboard framework. Faculty would also use a Google Drive integration to support collaborative learning or document authoring in a course.

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