Comprehensive Course Move Copy Dashboard

Idea created by lperlstein on Oct 7, 2016

    I continue to have a very hard time moving and copying material between courses, which is especially frustrating as I have multiple sections that are basically identical. What I need to go through to create a new piece of content and then make it available in all the courses is not intuitive -- can I copy, do I have to export/import, what will or wont copy, etc.


    I suggest simplifying this entire process by providing a content center, similar to the grade center format, where I can see all of the content in my course or courses at once, and copy or move what I want without having to change courses. If something can't be copied, and I'm not sure why there are things that can't be copied, I should see a designation and a suggested workaround.


    I can provide more detail if needed. This would make course management much simpler in my opinion. If I'm missing this capability somewhere, I'd love to learn where it is.




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