Log Who Actually Uses Bb Analytics for Learn (A4L)

Idea created by jfritz on Oct 4, 2016

    Per the "suggested solution" to our BtB caseID request #02372044, I would like to propose that Bb actually log any users (including their system role) who access any Analytics for Learn (A4L) reports, so we can get a better idea of how, why and when A4L is being used. Currently, Bb Learn displays a date & time stamp of the last run report (if at all), but individual use of these reports is not being logged, making it impossible to identify early adopters let alone effective practitioners and practices. For an example of why and how this might be important, see our BtB caseID request #02372044, which includes this screencast: http://screencast.com/t/7l35ntT9




    John Fritz

    Asst. VP, Instructional Technology

    University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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