Enhanced reporting of achievements and certificates awarded, expired, etc

Idea created by rh22333 on Sep 30, 2016
    For future consideration

    This would benefit those of us who use Blackboard for record-keeping (for example, this would allow us to easily see who has completed and been checked off on a training requirement recently). It could benefit other instructors who are using Blackboard in tandem with an external record-keeping system--when someone completes our Blackboard training courses, we enter their information into other databases. It would be easier to see who has recently completed the self-paced training than to remember their names from grading their assignments, write down those names, and add them to our other databases at the end of grading (since several assignments must be graded, the final completion grade must be checked for each person at the end of the process).


    Currently, there is no reporting capability of who has earned Achievements and certificates. I can get a scrolling list about fifteen people at a time but not one that can be exported, printed, etc.

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