Feature for Graded Files, papers, etc

Idea created by rh22333 on Sep 30, 2016
    Under review

    This is a request from one of our post docs on campus who sometimes have to grade many technical papers  and thought this idea would be good. Create an additional default Smart View based on when the assignment was graded.


    A "recently graded" smart view or the ability to sort the grade center by date graded would be very helpful for anyone grading larger classes or over a longer period of time.


    For example, "oops, I forgot to check for criterion x in the student responses, and I don't remember which students were affected, but I know I was only forgetting that criterion for the ones I graded on Tuesday but I was doing it correctly by Wednesday."


    It is like the regrading feature for objective test questions but as Kathy points out it takes days to grade some assignments. Yes, we know that we can see when each assignment was graded if you go student by student and write the times, etc down but imagining doing that for 70 or 80 students.

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