Course Managment Timeline of Instructor's Actions

Idea created by gibbonsd on Sep 28, 2016
    For future consideration

    There is a need for a course report/admin report that tracks the Instructor's actions performed in the Course Shell.  A timeline of the Instructor's actions of creating, modifying and deleting course content.


    There have been cases where students claim the instructor changes the instructions on assignment after the student submitted their course work.   Also, claims of due dates changing after the student completed the course work.


    There have been cases where instructors have argued that Blackboard System changed their availability dates or deleted content from the course shell without their permission.


    A timeline of what actions instructors performed within their course shell in creating, modifying, and deleting particular content material would be helpful in troubleshooting to determine if the issue is a technical problem or an instructor course management issue.

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