Logging of Delete Activity in Blackboard

Idea created by sh36111 on Sep 26, 2016
    For future consideration

    At BbWorld the topics of deletes came up; at this time it is very hard to determine who deleted items inside of blackboard (courses, users, content). We've had some luck checking the access logs for item deletions but those records are a limited help as the pk values can no longer be matched to a name since the item is gone so it's more of matching time to missing content. There is no recoverable information for course or user deletes that I am aware of (if there is, please share).


    During this conversation it was suggested that tables be added that are populated via a delete trigger to store a limited amount of data for logging and research purposes.


    For example, a course_delete table might contain information such as pk1, course_id, course_name, date_deleted, user_id_delete_request.


    Something similar stored for users and course_content.

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