SIS Integration Framework - Ability to modify configuration Username from default generated value

Idea created by on Sep 23, 2016

    The SIS Integration Framework currently randomly generates the configuration username (GUID) required for use in the the data POST to the endpoint URL.  If this configuration username could be modified to a known value, such as the SIS term code, it would make automating the POST of data in a programmatic fashion much easier when using something like cURL in a shell or .bat script.  It's clear why the integration configuration username needs to be a unique value, so that the SIS Integration Framework knows which configuration to use to process the data, but I would think a validation check of existing usernames for other SIS integration configurations could be performed upon submission of the settings to prevent duplicates.  With the current implementation of the generated username, someone needs to go in and modify the automation script in the cases where a term specific integration configuration is used on the Learn side.  Which is anytime that refresh mode is used with multiple terms.

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