Discussion Board:  Timeline

Idea created by gibbonsd on Sep 22, 2016

    There have been both students and instructors who have inquired/suggested some functionality for improvements to the Discussion Board.


    Students sometimes will do a "Save Draft" and then forget to submit the post to the discussion board forum.   Instructors will sometimes allow the student to submit the draft. However, they what some type of proof that student did not make any modification or changes to the post when submitting late.  Also, the instructor wants the "Save Draft" original dates.


    • Give the instructor a timeline of the student's Save Drafts up to the student's final post to the forum.
    • With or without a due date assigned, the timeline just needs to know when the student used the Save Drafts before the final post.
    • With a due date assigned, and a final post has occurred after the due date, the instructor wants the timeline detect if there was a modification to the text between the Save Draft and Final Post.
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