Linked Column in Content Collection

Idea created by rg24321 on Sep 6, 2016

    I believe it would be very beneficial to instructors if they were able to have a column in their content collection that will show them if a file is being linked to in a course, similar to the "Linked" column in the Administrator Search. This column allows an administrator to view what files are being linked to from a course's content collection at a glance. Unfortunately if the instructor wants to view the same information they will need to go to the "360 View" for each file listed in the content collection one at a time.


    This column would be very helpful if the instructor has uploaded duplicates of a file to their course, such as uploading a file named "Syllabus" each semester, and then removed the link from the course but not from the content collection. It would allow instructors to easily view their course's content collection folder and remove any files that are no longer needed at a glance. Right now instructors have to go through the 360 view for each file that has been uploaded if they are trying to remove old files. This process can become very tedious if a large amount of file have been uploaded.


    It is my hope that because this functionality already exists in the system it can be easily adapted for use in the Content Collection.

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