Improvements to Logs and Destructive action logging

Idea created by lhives on Sep 1, 2016
    For future consideration

    These ideas were gathered during the recent APAC Bb Learning and Teaching Conference. The include both ideas and enhancements. Thanks to everyone who contributed.


    1. Ability to download system logs merged from all app servers with a field that can identify the app server that the log refers to.

    2. Possibly including usernames in the logs? Not sure but just some way for better identification

    3. Perhaps some way to attach what a user was doing prior to an error occurring or at least a better way to identify what part of the system the error occurred in. Suggestion of automated timestamped screenshot with user identified to assist with issues related to assessment submission.

    4. Granular audit logs and logging of destructive actions. This is to help figure out who/where/when/what something was deleted. Currently, there is no way to figure this out.

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