Improvements to Rubrics

Idea created by lhives on Sep 1, 2016
    For future consideration

    These ideas were collated during the recent APAC Blackboard Learning and Teaching Conference.They contain both bug fixes and enhancements.


    1. Improve the adaptive interface for Rubrics (especially for mobile devices). We suggest thinking outside the box (maybe moving away from the matrix design).

    2. Definitely available on Bb Grader and Bb Instructor even when no assignment submission point is associated with it. This would be useful for marking during class or for other forms of assessment like oral presentations.

    3. Ability to import (eg. from rubistar and similar tools) and export (eg. to mobile marking apps etc. or just PDF).

    4. The ability to set the increments when a rubric includes point or percentage ranges

    5. the ability to add a general description to the row (cells in the first column)

    6. The ability to attach a rubric outside an assignment so that the students can see it whether or not the assignment has been released.

    7. A print function.

    8. The ability to associate criteria to a comment within a marked paper.

    9. Providing sub-criteria or competencies within a single cell and calculate marks across cells. For example, the student may have achieved a distinction level for one aspect of the criteria but did poorly in another. This would be equivalent to the marker circling part of the description in one cell and the other part in another cell. This may be achieved using some kind of list support within each cell, so that if it's enabled, the marker can be more detailed in their rubric marking.

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