Force Subscribe Students to Discussion Forums

Idea created by dh30239 on Aug 18, 2016
    For future consideration

    Many instructors and faculty ask for the ability to force subscribe their students to discussion boards. This is a feature that some are accustomed to in Moodle and something we'd very much like to see in Blackboard Learn.


    One instructor emailed me this morning who uses Blackboard Learn for the non-academic purpose of training student worker security guards for an art museum we have on campus. One case that causes some real headaches for him is that a student employee can't work their shift and have to find someone to cover. Yes, Instructors can turn on subscription for the Discussion Forums in Blackboard Learn, but it is opt-in for the students and he can't ensure that all students subscribe to receive email notifications.

    This would be an easy enhancement to the subscription feature in Blackboard Learn Discussion Boards: simply add a checkbox option to the Discussion Board set up page to force subscribe all students.  Since it's a feature that Moodle users on our campus enjoy, then why not include it in a future release of Blackboard Learn?

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