Blackboard Learn Multiple Time Zone Compatibility

Idea created by fp30816 on Aug 17, 2016

    For offering Online Courses and Multiple Institutional support for Regional Institutions, Blackboard Learn lacks the capability of managing multiple time zones for scheduling and submission of activities.


    Our network of institutions span across the European Continent, which enables us to provide courses to various countries. For Instructors, when they schedule and create deadlines for assignments and tests, these date and time features are crucial when expecting outcomes in certain countries hosted in 1 Single Blackboard Learn instance. The same comes with Students submitting their work and activities in several countries.


    We request this feature be built in Blackboard Learn, so that it not only handles multiple institutions, but the different time zones that may span single countries, continents, and even globally.


    Our suggestion is that users and courses have this property for TIME ZONE. This would allow to have courses at their proper time and date, as well as the rest of the users activities.






    Francisco Perez

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