Achievements that are gradebook items and earn points

Idea created by sr0051055 on Aug 17, 2016
    For future consideration

    I apologize if this topic has been covered before. Perhaps there is already a way to do this and I have not been able to crack the code on it.


    I have been using achievements in self-paced Blackboard courses. Achievements can be based upon certain scores being achieved on certain gradebook items. Currently achievements can be based on a couple of things...

    • Scores achieved for specific graded items
    • Reviewing specific items (simply clicking Mark Reviewed)

    I'd like achievements to function in some additional ways to help gamify self-paced courses.


    • If a student has achieved a milestone, a set number of points are added to an item in the gradebook.
    • If a defined group of achievements (milestones) is obtained, an achievement (milestone or completion) is obtained as a result.
    • Enforced reviewing/completion of specific content (videos, audio, courseware) that triggers an achievement
    • Additional triggers based on interaction (discussion forum participation, check-in/attendance, etc) that allow self paced learners to gain experience points for completion of specific tasks
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