Privileges: better granularity

Idea created by mb27350 on Aug 10, 2016
    For future consideration

    Users of Learn have lots of different roles which require lots of different levels of access which subsequently requires the system to provide lots of different privileges.

    Currently Learns privileges are very general and limit the creation of required user roles.

    An example would be an external examiner who requires rewd only access to the Grade Centre. The only priviliges set in Learn associated with the grade centre is either to allow full access or not.

    Another example would be if we create a power user role for staff to have access and the ability to create courses\enrolments associated with a node they will need access to the admin tab. Problem is that the Tools and Utilities module (along with other modules) dont have a set priviliges stating "Enable access to Module .......". Currently users with the power user role have access to the Tools and Utilities module and the ability to modify tool settings.


    Comparing the priviliges to an Active Directory GPO would be useful to allow institutions the flexibility to manage user roles.

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