Allow dynamic Google content to be embedded in VTBE

Idea created by ra0043350 on Aug 9, 2016
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    Good Afternoon,


    Our university is a "Google School", and we encourage our faculty to use Google Docs and other applications. However, these don't seem to get along too well with our Blackboard Learn environment - While I have observed that it is possible to "publish" a Google Doc (essentially, produce an embed code that can be inserted in an iFrame) and remove sharing restrictions from it, adding this to a VTBE in Blackboard only adds a static image of that document, which doesn't seem to refresh or update at all when changes have been made to the document, and doesn't allow for changes to be made within the embedded iFrame.


    Is it possible to allow dynamic documents with collaboration features, such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and so on, to be embedded within a Blackboard Item or other VTBE area, so that students and faculty accessing the Blackboard course would be allowed to directly interact and make changes to it? Based on research, we do know that Canvas has this capability.


    Thank you in advance for your consideration!




    Robert B Adelson

    Blackboard Administrator

    Saint Peter's University

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