Improved Import/Copy

Idea created by Grzegorczyk on Aug 4, 2016
    For future consideration

    The import/copy functionality in Bb has been lacking for a long time.


    The first piece that is an issue is that the import fails if there is not enough room to import the zip file, even if not all of the content is being added to the course.  This causes many calls to increase quota that are unnecessary.  The imports should be held outside of the quota and remain on the system for a time specified by the admin.  The ability to hold the import in memory while the quota may need to be updated prevents multiple uploads by instructors, which only causes frustration.


    The next piece that is an issue is the selection of content to import and where it goes.  To resolve this the instructor should be presented with a pop-out window of the content they can import and be able to drag and drop folders/items into the areas they wish form them to go.  This would cut down on unnecessary content from being import, which saves space, prevent duplicate content if an instructor imports more than once, and ensures that the instructor knows where the content went.

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