Restricted access to the Grade Center

Idea created by lhives on Aug 3, 2016
    For future consideration

    We would like the ability to restrict the list of students a grader (or other custom role) can access or even see in the Grade Centre. So for instance, if a tutor is assigned to a group of students or is teaching a child course (merged), they will only be able to see the students in their group and no others. Due to privacy issues in some courses, we can't just use a smart view cause they can just change the view to see everyone.  We want to make it impossible to see anyone but their students.

    This could be achieved with a group role rather than a course role. Perhaps a 'leader' of a group who usually can't access the grade centre is given the ability by the instructor to grade the people in the group on all or specified assessments... perhaps a group setting.

    Alternatively, there could be a setting attached to a smart view to assign users who can access it. This would have to include the full grade centre view as well though. If this were the option, then there would need to be improvements to the management of smart views. eg. deleting views for groups that no longer exist, better prompts to fix problems with views etc.

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