Calendar Itinerary View

Idea created by mbuchanon on Jul 14, 2016
    For future consideration

    We have faculty and students that are clamoring for a way to print their calendars with all the relevant due dates from their courses.  We've shown them how to use iCal to import their calendar into Outlook or some other program, but, this seems like a miss to me.  We already have a really nice looking calendar in Learn, we just need another view in that calendar.  So, instead of just day, week, month, I suggest that we add a fourth view for the user's itinerary.  Let them select the time frame and then give them something like this:




    or something like this with bullets/times on each day as appropriate:



    Or even something like this:



    Ideally, any of these would work as long as they could fit on a single, printable page.  Heck, even just add the ability to download this as a PDF in lieu of displaying it in the UI.


    Thank you for your time!


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