List vs Tree View, Let the Users Decide (and then honor that choice)

Idea created by mbuchanon on Jul 14, 2016
    For future consideration

    Our users are running into an issue with expectations compared to reality when it comes to using the forums in our newly launched Learn 9.1 instance.  They expect that clicking on 'tree view' when viewing a forum will 'stick' and that they'll, at the very least, be able to always view that forum in 'tree view' mode.  Now imagine their frustrations when the next time they visit the forum they're back in 'list view'.  Imagine my frustrations when I see that the forum_registry table is being updated to 'tree' for that forum, but, is immediately reset the next time I view the forum.  Support tells me that this is functioning as designed, but, it sure seems like a wasted call to the database if it's always going to be 'list' instead of persisting the user's preference for that forum.


    Ideally, we'd have a user level preference that could apply on a system or course by course basis for viewing forums in 'tree view' instead of 'list view' mode.


    I hope that folks agree with me and we can correct this seemingly 'odd' oversight.  Thank you all for your time!  Make a strangers day, say 'hello' and smile!


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