Crocodoc, Inline Grading, and You (Update CSS for Comments for Active vs Saved Comments)

Idea created by mbuchanon on Jul 14, 2016
    For future consideration

    As we are self-hosted and just fully launched as of July 5th (term start), we are receiving feedback from our Faculty that some of their inline grading comments (love this feature) are not being saved.  It turns out that faculty enter one comment and then click submit.  Of course, Crocodoc doesn't save that comment until you move away from it.  There is at least one KB article talking about this and how it won't be resolved.  But, I say instead of leaving it as is, update the CSS used (HTML5 Document Embedding | Crocodoc  see theming section) to better highlight the fact that comments are saved/good or not saved/bad.


    Something as simple as this:


    docviewer .comment-set:not(emphasized) {    border-color: green;    border-width: 2px;  }    .docviewer .comment-set.emphasized {    border-color: red;    border-width: 2px;  } 


    Gives some pretty useful visual cues to the users.


    Before the CSS tweak:



    After the CSS tweak:



    Seems like a pretty simple change that could improve the overall user experience in using this tool.  I hope you like my idea.  Decide in advance to make today a great day!


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