Improve spell-check dictionary functionality

Idea created by taltman on Jul 13, 2016

    In addition to improving the dictionary itself (which is in dire need of updating), it would great if Blackboard could add more functionality into the spell check dictionary utility for Learn. Our faculty and instructional designers have requested two things in particular:


    1) Ignore URLS!


    2) Since many academic disciplines use terminology that may not be found in a standard dictionary, enable instructors to create a custom dictionary for the course, by allowing them to add words that the current dictionary identifies as misspelled. This could be functionality where the instructor can right click on the flagged word and select 'Add to dictionary' (like you can do with other programs such as Gmail and Microsoft Word). The custom dictionary should be course specific, meaning if anyone in the course then uses those words (including students), they will no longer be identified as misspelled. This is critical for the students who are learning a discipline. This custom course dictionary should carry forward with course copies. Instructors should also be able to access it to remove or modify a word they added by mistake.


    This request is for Learn 9.1 Original (though it would be good for Ultra as well if it doesn't already have this functionality).


    Thank you,

    Trina Altman

    University of New Mexico

    Product Version (if applicable):0