Ultra Collaborate B2 Usability improvements

Idea created by schlater.david on Jul 12, 2016
    Under review
    1. Please make the "Course Room" text an actual link, increase the size and color of the camera icon etc. -  more bold and attention getting so it is not lost on the page.
    2. Tell instructors via onscreen prompts they can use the "Course Room", or create individual sessions (if they wish) - don't imply creating sessions is mandatory as is done now with the large icon and current on screen prompt.
    3. Please do not show students any message about not having upcoming sessions if the course room is available - that may be where instructors have told them to go.
    4. If an instructor has disabled the default "Course Room" have all references to it disappear completely for the the student's view - otherwise when students see the message of "Course Room Disabled" they may give up, and not venture down the page to an individually created sessions. If the instructor has turned a feature off, don't show any reference to it to students.


    More reasoning for the above: The "Course Room" text and icon are small, hard to see, and do not draw attention. The link is not the "Course Room" title (like created session titles) but "join room" which can be located far way from other text on a large monitor and not seen as connected to the "Course Room" due to lack of proximity. On screen prompt instructions tell instructors they don't have any upcoming sessions and encourage them to create one - we find the default Course Room is fine for most needs and makes using the product more streamlined - session creation is OK but don't advocate it if the simple default Course Room may meet most needs. Students are told via bold onscreen prompts "Looks like you don't have any upcoming sessions" which is very negative -  and is ignoring the fact that instructors may want them to go to that very small "Join Room" link on the page. The only time that might be OK to show students is if the default course room is disabled AND no sessions have been created. I think it will be easy for folks to end up in different rooms,  unable to find the right room, or give up, with the interface designed as it is currently.


    Those are a few ideas to make this new Ultra B2 better. I know it is version 1.0 and I hope 1.1 incorporates some of these ideas.

    Product Version (if applicable):1