Markteer instruction as a new market for Collaborate Ultra

Idea created by mr38262 on Jul 12, 2016
    Under review

    Typical webinars for marketeers are very reduced in terms of interactivity. A marketeer webinar presenter wants to invite a huge number of prospects to learn more about his product, but dislike if prospects become aware of each other. Feedback should go directed to the presenter only. The instructional setting in this type of webinar is more like business TV.


    Collaborate Ultra might be adapted to serve this big market too by simply implementing two additional switches in the session settings:

    1. Disable the participants list view for participants. Only presenters/moderators see the participant list.
    2. Chat is channeled to the moderator only. Participants may enter a question to the moderator. Only moderator sees all chat contributions


    This demand to reduce the amount of collaboration looks foolish for instructional designers following the current collaborative didactics. Not a great idea for rethinking education, but these are important requirements we often heared, if we tried to sell Collaborate Classic for such  Webinar purposes. Within Collaborate Ultra, such reduction of the interface it is just two additional checkmarks away.

    Product Version (if applicable):1