Collaborate Ultra: Pause & Edit

Idea created by ns25614 on Jun 27, 2016
    Under review

    We recently migrated from Adobe Connect to Bb Collaborate Ultra. There are two critical functions missing from Ultra! The number one complaint was the lack of a "PAUSE" button, followed by the ability to "EDIT" the recordings. Many faculty use Collaborate for lecture capture in a live classroom. Each time they have to pause (e.g. change topic, breaks, etc.) their only option is to stop the recording. For some instructors, this may mean dozens of small videos for a single 3-4 hour class period. Our initial goal for using Bb Collaborate was to offer consistency in instructor and student experience. We have many unhappy instructors right now; many have gone off the grid and are using other 3rd party software to meet their needs. Our college is currently reviewing other products that will provide the features our faculty are demanding...many of which used to be available in the previous version of Collaborate, are much lower priced and have more features. I hope these features are developed quickly...we keep asking and getting a "it's on the roadmap" response from our Bb reps. We need an approximate date of release. We currently have an RFI out; hopefully we will soon find a product that will meet our needs!


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