Improvements to Ultra Collaborate - SAS

Idea created by sgardner on Jun 23, 2016
    Under review

    Because users cannot join a guest session via a guest link unless they are enrolled in a course using Bb9.1 Oct 2014 release and Collaborate B2 4.8.1173191, we are required to create some sessions on the SAS.  Session invites are sent directly from the SAS via email.  Administrators cannot see the email text nor do they receive a copy.  Additionally, the emails do not provide moderators with the guest link; treating every invite as a participant.  So the guest link must be manually provided in a second email by the administrator.  A session with 14 moderators requires an additional 14 emails to provide the guest link to each moderator.


    Emails are being sent from 'Collaborate email services', an email address which is often filtered into junk folders.  These generic emails are often later lost which require us to resend the invites.  This creates an unnecessary and significant administrative overhead, particularly for open ended sessions.


    Because of these difficulties, we currently manage these types of situations by creating an item in a content area with a  join link for each moderator inside a Blackboard workgroup site, which also includes the guest link.  Because we are unable to see the links for each invitee, this requires each moderator to send us their invite so we can grab the link and paste it into the site.  If we were able to view the invites, this would not be required.



    1) the ability to edit/set default email invite text - the current text is too generic

    2) the ability to view/edit invites on the SAS (currently only able to resend invite not edit or view)

    3) the ability to set the default email sender address to something familiar to the end users and from their own institution

    4) automatically include the guest link in Moderator and Presenter invites

    Product Version (if applicable):1