bbStats - Activity Dashboard

Idea created by scott.hurrey on Jun 20, 2016
    Open for voting

    bbStats tracks concurrent sessions on the system at the database level for all application servers. It provides user reports by activity levels.


    Settings allow for selecting the date range for graphs, limiting access. The interface is compatible with mobile devices like the iPhone.


    Overall CPU and Memory resource graphs are in planning to provide usage context.





    Integration Creator: OSCELOT

    Integration Version: 4.0.5

    Integration Release: Production

    Integration Type: Building Block

    Tech: Java

    Learn Compatibility:

    • Blackboard Learn Q2 2016,
    • Blackboard Learn October 2015,
    • Blackboard Learn April 2015

    Supported Languages: English

    Integration License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

    Fee: Free

    Download: OSCELOT Projects > Projects > bbStats - Activity Dashboard > Files > Browse Releases


    Product Version (if applicable):0