AutoSignOn Building Block

Idea created by scott.hurrey on Jun 20, 2016
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    This project provides SSO between a trusted service and Learn.

    The source is contained in the (v1.1) war file.

    Version 1.1 has undergone extensive commercial level testing and every effort has been made to address stability issues. As with all software there may be some unique circumstances which this testing may not have covered. Please use the available bug tracking tools to report issues. Also please submit feature and support requests via the tracker.



    OSCELOT Projects > Projects > AutoSignOn Building Block > Wiki > View Page


    Integration Creator: OSCELOT

    Integration Version: 1.1 or 2.0.1

    Integration Release: Production

    Integration Type: Building Block or Auth Provider Building Block

    Tech: Java, JSP

    Learn Compatibility:

    • Blackboard Learn Q2 2016,
    • Blackboard Learn October 2015,
    • Blackboard Learn April 2015

    Supported Languages: English

    Integration License: BSD License

    Fee: Free

    Download: OSCELOT Projects > Projects > AutoSignOn Building Block > Files > Browse Releases

    SVN: OSCELOT Projects > Projects > AutoSignOn Building Block > SVN > Browse repository

    Product Version (if applicable):0