OSCELOT Grade Submit Tool

Idea created by scott.hurrey on Jun 20, 2016
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    This project provides the UI and core code for a grade submit tool, is based on an extensible architecture to enable integration with a variety of information systems and middle-tier applications.


    The current version supports submitting a single admin configured grade column - likely Final term grades and requires suitable output adapter installed via command line. see: the OSCELOT GST Output Adapter project  http://projects.oscelot.org/gf/project/oscegstoas/ for Output Adapter SDK and available output adapters as provided by the user community.





    Integration Creator: OSCELOT

    Integration Version: 1.5

    Integration Release: Production

    Integration Type: Building Block

    Tech: Java, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery

    Learn Compatibility:

    • Blackboard Learn Q2 2016,
    • Blackboard Learn October 2015,
    • Blackboard Learn April 2015

    Supported Languages: English

    Integration License: LGPL

    Fee: Free


    SVN: http://projects.oscelot.org/gf/project/oscegst/scmsvn/?action=browse&path=%2Ftrunk%2F

    Product Version (if applicable):0