Learning Modules - Progress, Navigation, Branching, and UI

Idea created by lhives on Jun 15, 2016
    For future consideration

    Learning modules are great to offer content in sequential order but they are currently missing some key things:

    • The ability for a user to see the length of the module and track how far along they are
    • The ability for a student to return to where they left off when they were in the module last time
    • The ability to add course links inside the item
    • The ability to link a tool link to a piece of content so it doesn't have its own page but is displayed above or under the linked page
    • Next and previous navigation at the bottom of the page as well as the top
    • Setup folders that ARE NOT a page but rather just an organisational tool for the menu (so headers)
    • Responsive design
    • Mobile app supported
    • The ability to collate the learning module as a printable document.

    Some not so essential but would be nice ideas:

    • The ability for a user to see when they have completed a learning module (looked at all the pages)
    • The ability for users to comment on the pages (as a setting)
    • more options for how the module pages will be displayed such as slide show, tabbed, collapsing, carousel, collage, columned
    • branching narratives through learning modules so that a student can 'choose their own adventure', where a page can be made to jump a number of places forward or back in the sequence.
    Product Version (if applicable):0