Content System My Portfolio Permanent URL

Idea created by eric.kunnen on May 20, 2016

    We have students that are beginning to develop a personal portfolio using the My Portfolio tool in Blackboard.

    The problem is that sharing is very difficult. The reason is that the portfolios are constantly being updated by the students across several classes. Unfortunately, for each update, and new URL needs to be created and shared. This may make sense for an assignment, but for a comprehensive portfolio, this workflow doesn't work, and doesn't support the use case. Further, this isn't how sites like LinkedIn work either. With LinkedIn, you get your URL and you can share it, and your updates will always be visible by users.


    The documentation below is exemplifies the problem: ("... if you make edits that you want to share, you need to share the portfolio again.")"Share your portfolio with others, both at your institution and outside the walls. Each time you share a portfolio with other users, you create a static snapshot of that portfolio at that point in time. What is shared is that static snapshot. If you make edits that you want to share, you need to share the portfolio again."


    The enhancement request is specifically to be able to create a permanent url that will always show the view the most current and updated content.

    Product Version (if applicable):0