Marking and Feedback without a Submission

Idea created by lhives on May 20, 2016

    It would be great if you were able to:

    a) submit an assignment for a student

    b) provide a mark AND detailed feedback including criteria sheet feedback for any type of column, including assignments, even if there wasn't a submission.

    c) mark any column in the Bb Grader app that has an associated criteria sheet (but no submission), so that you can mark in-class assessments like orals etc.


    There are a few reasons for this but the first is that there currently isn't a good way to mark a live presentation without someone submitting something first.
    If a column with a criteria sheet attached could be marked without a submission it could be used for:

    • Oral presentations
    • Recording participation
    • Recording performance in labs and in-class activities
    • General feedback when you're on the run and only have a tablet with you.


    Oh and Android support would be

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