Course menu item that appears (and updates) in multiple courses

Idea created by jg21107 on May 19, 2016

    Blackboard administrators spend a lot of time merging courses together or making extra manual courses or just letting staff add random students to their courses - all to make sure that people that need to see specific content can - and that staff dont need to keep uploading the same content to multiple courses.  Frequently this is then followed by further work trying to split up these merged courses into groups so that assessment can be dealt with in a sensible way.  In worst case scenarios you also end up with loads of adaptive release rules to hide bit of the course from various groups.


    Solution - Dont move the students to the content, move the content to the students

    Everyone stays in the courses they are enrolled on by the data integration that relates to the courses they are enrolled on and studying, staff add the "reusable course menu" to all the courses they want it in.


    How it would work

    Instructor clicks on the drop-down to add a course menu item

    Below "Content Area" on the list would be an option "Reusable Content Area"

    They have the option of creating a new one - or selecting from a drop-down list of those that already exist in the courses they are an instructor on.

    This menu then works exactly like a normal content area menu - you can add content or tools (assessments might be a bit too complicated so probably dont have that menu on the page)

    At the top of the page it would be good to have some info that said this menu was used in multiple courses and list what those courses were, and explain that anything added to this page would be seen in all courses.

    When an instructor in any of the courses that the menu is surfaced in adds an content item (or tool) to the page, that item is now visible on the page, in all the courses.  If they re-organise the order of items, they change in all the courses.


    This would remove the vast majority of mushing groups of students together - if you want to provide material to multiple groups, put the a (reusable) menu in multiple courses.

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