More flexibility in creating new roles

Idea created by zizo2006 on May 12, 2016

    I face an issue when I wanted to create new role to manage "Content Management" module but removing all other administration privileges like update the system and building blocks update. As you know system update requires restarting services and physical/remote access to app server which we wanted to separate to have UI admin who have full functions except any function requires running batches on server and back-end admin who have access to the functions require running batches on the server after doing it from UI.


    As per Blackboard support this is not possible and we had to create 2 system administrator account and asking both persons not do use the extra privileges which a bad solution. I checked the privileges for system administrator role and it has more than 1000 privileges while on you UI you can only manage near to 400. I think either Blackboard allow us to manage 1000+ or better solution to create another 2 administration roles UI and back-end.

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