Permit Instructors to Get Notification of Submitted Test

Idea created by acutler on May 5, 2016



    Another colleague already posted this idea in a discussion, but I wanted to ensure it was submitted here, too. Thanks!




    "A faculty member and I would like to receive an email of a submitted test.  I looked in Bb Help under notifications and I could see that a submitted survey is a notification option and a test that needs grading is a option.  In Web CT we could have a notification that an individual test submission was submitted and could even have the submission emailed to us.  I do not think we can have the ability of an individual notification for one test in your course as in Web CT, but am I correct in thinking we will not get great notifications of when n assessment has been submitted and is auto corrected?


    We are looking to have an orientation course with 4-5 simple tests and at the end of the last test we want to receive a notification so we can clear them for registration.  I may need to have an assignment as the last item and have the student submit an assignment. "

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