Add Bb Collaborate Link to Bb Student Course Outline

Idea created by jon.degroot on May 2, 2016

    We have decided to put the Bb Collaborate Scheduling Manager tool link in the course menu within our Blackboard courses. There are a number of benefits to doing it this way.

    1. When doing a course copy the link does not break like it does when it's in a content area.
    2. Eliminates room for error as instructors won't have to update their Collaborate link for each course every semester.
    3. Standardize the link location so students know exactly where to go in each class.

    The only downside though is it can not be accessed through the Bb Student app when it's not deployed in a content area.

    My suggestion is you add it to the Course Outline if it's deployed in the menu or content area. Right now even when it's deployed in the content area the user has to hunt through content folders in order to find it. The Collaborate session seems important enough to take up space on that outline. The title would match the meeting name. I have provided an example below of what it would look like.




    Currently how it looks can be seen below. It's hard to even identify which one is the Collaborate link based on the name and lack of icon. Todd-Demo Room is the Bb Collaborate link found tucked within a learning plan folder.



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