Better group tools - wikis, journals, blogs

Idea created by dl0046362 on Apr 14, 2016

    The security for these tools is very much lacking right now, but Blackboard appear to have taken the position that these tools are functioning as designed. In my mind, it's fairly clear that group tools should default to only being accessible within a group, with the instructor being able to easily (via the Group or Group Set Options) alter these to allow for broader access. It seems ridiculous that these tools can all be set to be marked, but only Wikis can be set (and not easily) to be accessible just by the group. Journals can be set to only be accessible by the poster, and blogs have no access privileges whatsoever.


    I'd like to see

    a) group tool availability settings for each of these tools

    b) configurable institutional and course defaults for these settings

    c) more easily accessible areas where these settings can be changed. For group sets, it should be possible to alter an entire group set of blogs at once.

    Product Version (if applicable):0