[GROUPS] Announcements for Groups

Idea created by yoleneors on Apr 12, 2016

    This is often asked for by Professors and Staff, and would definitely help in convincing them to "bother" to input groups in Blackboard. The "email" feature in Group is not relevant enough, because it doesn't keep any track of what was sent and when, nor provides archives for Students.

    It would be great to have either :

    • Announcements as a Group tool (with the option to "send immediately by email" too, as in standard announcements)
    • Adaptive release on Announcements (but which would also apply with  "send immediately by email") with possibility to choose the "group" criteria

    Or both ! This would enable both Professors and Students within a group to make the best use of Announcements to help organize group work

    Product Version (if applicable):0