Course Merge : automatically create groups

Idea created by yoleneors on Apr 11, 2016
    For future consideration

    In order to be able to manage several cohorts at the same time with minimum hassle,  a number of Professors ask the BB Admin to "merge" their courses into one so they don't have to do the job 10 times for the 10 cohorts they have simultaneously. However they still need to handle the "classes" separately, and adaptive release can be useful for this... only if your students are in the appropriate groups.

    It would be great if when child courses are merged, a group set (with as many groups as child courses) would be created in the parent group, and students assigned to each of this group.

    Since the changes in enrollments in child courses are reflected in the parent course, ideally it would also be reflected in the groups of the parent course.


    This would definitely be a huge improvement for the merged course management.


    Right now we have to do it all manually, and any time enrollments in the child courses are changed it doesn't get reflected in the groups so it becomes inconsistent and we quite gave up on this...

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