Badges Reports and Module on Home Page Needed

Idea created by janem on Apr 5, 2016
    For future consideration

    For our students and teachers, we would like a way to celebrate their success and support needs by the following:

    1) Achievement Module on user home page:

    a) When badges are earned in a course or by completing a course, we want the ability for the ST and Teacher to be able to see their achievements once they login to Learn. This would be a module on their home page celebrating their success.

    b) We want the badges to follow the user and not disappear once they have completed a course.  They should continue to be in the account as long as it is in the system.


    2) Badges report:  We want the ability to run a district level or course report on badges. This will allow us to celebrate teacher and student successes and to identify potential needs where badges were not earned.  Reports should be able to be run by type of badge earned, term, year, and multi-year.  Also should be able to be run on active accounts and/or inactive accounts.

    Product Version (if applicable):0