Make Course Links Universal

Idea created by mvandevelde on Mar 16, 2016
    For future consideration

    I’d like to have links within my Item or Blank Page content area that can be linked to any other course area or item just like the Course Link course tool, and automatically be updated if I export/import the content to another Blackboard Learn shell.


    This works for images and files with the Browse Content Collection option by identifying files with an xid tag, why can’t we have a Browse Course Items option as well?


    Why do I think we need this?

    The current course link tool is good, but limits how I can design a page.  I’ve been working with Blackboard Learn for a long time, and it’s a constant issue I come across that servilely limits how I can implement what I’d consider to be good instructional design. If I mention an Assessment, or a Blog, or a Wiki or any other course item/tool, I want to put in a link within the text I mentioned it at the time, not at the end of the content area, or in the case of a Blank Page, there are no options.

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