When sharing content, allow the user to swap the view to Multiple shared webcams

Idea created by jon.degroot on Mar 8, 2016
    For future consideration

    When someone shares content it limits you to only seeing one person's webcam at a time in the corner. It does give you the option to swap it however it still only shows one camera. My suggestion is when swapping to video when content is being shared, bring back the multiple webcam display. This allows instructors to broadcast their computer screen and still be able to see some or all of their students attending remotely. Ideally it would allow more webcams to display at once or allow the instructor to scroll through the other cameras. That way the instructor isn't losing the students that are not speaking up as they would not jump to the front unless they say something. Reading non-verbals can be very helpful especially if a student isn't providing any other form of feedback. I've attached a screenshot below of an example. You can see the desktop is being shared in the bottom right corner and all 4 cameras are being displayed instead of just 1.



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