[NOTIFICATIONS] User settings : Enable to "boost" some events/items  out of the daily digest into an individual email

Idea created by yoleneors on Mar 7, 2016

    Notification settings : Enable to "boost" some events/items  out of the daily digest into an individual email

    Description :

         Currently : The user can choose between different types of notifications for each event : email, dashboard, mobile. In my experience, most of them tend to really manage their course activity using "email". For email they can decide if they want individual emails or a daily digest.

        The issue : As soon as a Professor wants to really manage his course as much "real time" as possible in order to be reactive, which is typically crucial in a blended learning approach, they need to we notified or some things "in the flow" and some others less immediately. For example : they may want to have everything in a daily digest, except for "course messages" and "needs grading" : this would be individual emails so they can answer faster, and it's visible to them a a priority task (as opposed to checking in the daily digest what's information and what's priority tasks).

         Preferably : In the notifications settings page, there would be 2 columns for emails instead of 1 : "individual email" and "daily digest", and no need to choose between both options at a higher level : if you want daily digest you just tick boxes in this column.

    Why does it matter ? What's the impact ?  Being able to differenciate between priority task and information is important and depends on how each professor manages his course, but typically if we want to tell students course messages should replace emails, for example, then we should be able to set "course messages" notified as individual emails so that it's as convienient as email (except it goes through the platform and thus has context info). The best Professors are managing their course very attentively and quickly identified this need as a feature request.


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